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Click each of the headings below to see what you’ll learn in the Light Tricks Course modules.

Module One: Introduction & Equipment


What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
  • What is Light Art & Light Drawing?
  • What type of equipment you may need
  • Key photographic accessories and their uses
  • Different types of light sources used during the course
  • Explore features and benefits of different light sources
  • Lots of practical tips and techniques
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Much, much more!

Module Two: Camera Basics

photography tricks for beginners

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • What is camera exposure?
    • How shutter speeds affect your photos
    • The best way to balance your exposure
    • The pros and cons to changing ISO
    • How to adjust your camera’s colour temperature
    • How to prepare your equipment ready for shooting
    • How to do basic light paintings
    • Fun challenges and quizzes including your very first light painting challenge!

Module Three: Light Trails

trick photography

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• The benefits of a good vantage point

• Dealing with different types of traffic

• Exploiting the artistic nature of curved light trails

• Looking for opportunities to create beautiful colour splashes

• Changing apertures to capture magical starburst effects

• How to deal with changeable weather

• Capturing light trails from moving vehicles

Module Four: Creative Blur

mobile photography tricks

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Discover opportunities to capture motion blur

• Capture interesting and creative blur at fairgrounds

• Exploring what everyday motion blur offers a photographer

• How to open your cameras ‘eyes’ to see bokeh effects

• Interactive quizzes

• Blending multiple images together for double exposures

• Create eerie portraits with ghosting exercises

• Capture calm in the chaos of rapid movement with panning techniques

• More mini challenges to test your ghosting ability

Module Five: Basic Light Tricks

 dslr photography tricks

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • Understand the features of creative light sources
    • The benefits of using laser pens
    • How fairy lights can change the emotion and atmosphere
    • Why using fibre optics can make your work look like a sci-fi movie
    • Creating retro images using nightclub style glow sticks
    • Take on our challenge and master the dark!

Module Six: Abstract

photography tricks and special effects

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • Discover the definition of abstract
    • Learn how to manipulate the form of subjects
    • Spotting where patterns and shapes can become less conventional
    • Understand the power of a reflection
    • Identify what you need to make a good reflection
    • Break down the light spectrum with refraction photography
    • Create your own water droplet macro photography in more interactive exercises

Module Seven: Fireworks & Fire

how to do trick photography

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • The dangers and precautions of working with fire & fireworks
    • How to prepare your equipment
    • Shooting in crowds at events
    • What to expect when photographing fire dancing routines
    • The best camera settings for fireworks
    • How to compose your shot and anticipate movement
    • Working with smaller firework displays at home
    • How to set up for shooting sparklers
    • Fun long exposure tricks to try out with the family

Module Eight: Basic Flash

portrait photography lighting techniques

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Solve the puzzle of colour temperature

• Find out how artificial light differs from bulb to bulb

• Pick out the best position to place your flash

• Create dramatic effects with back, side and front lighting techniques

• Pick out the differences between soft and hard light

• Master the inverse square law in simple terms

• Break down the mathematics of Guide Numbers

• Get out of auto and discover manual flash settings

• How flash sync features can be changed for dramatic effect

• Capture movement and sharpness with curtain sync modes

Module Nine: Special Effects

light painting stick

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • Try out physiogram effects at home with little cost and effort
    • How to create professional sports style dynamic powder photography
    • The interesting effects of domestic smoke grenades
    • Why you should shoot through glass for distorted fractal effects
    • What kaleidoscopes can add to your photography
    • Understand how to cast your subject in creative shadow using gobos
    • Add the enchanting beauty of bokeh into your creative shadows too
    • Draw your own reusable gobos which our simple step-by-step process

Module Ten: Night & Lightning

diy light painting wand

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • How to plan your dark sky journey
    • What are the best locations and what you need to avoid
    • The Rule of 500
    • How to set up your camera for star photography
    • How to make those stars shoot across the sky with your camera
    • Making the most dramatic cityscape by finding angles
    • The best tips and secrets from professional photographers
    • Making the most of iconic buildings and landmarks
    • Learn about types of lightning storms
    • What’s the best approach working under pressure
    • How automated triggers can be good and bad

Module Eleven: Wire Wool

light painting tools amazon

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Get the shopping list of everything you need

• Pack smart with our kit list of equipment essentials

• How to light the fire and ignite your images with different shapes

• Push the envelope further with movement changes

• More of our helpful and fun interactive quizzes

• Double up your efforts by adding water reflections

• Pick out the best locations for wire wool photography

• Use composition correctly to create drama in the darkness

• Involve your friends and family for some fiery portraits

Module Twelve: Advanced Light Tricks

light painting brushes diy

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Discover the phenomenon that is the Pixelstick

• How bitmap files can transform your long exposure light trails

• Best tips on creating light domes from scratch

• Take it a step further and make light orbs in your photographs

• Bring back some nostalgia with a Pac Man long exposure tutorial

• Combine movement and light trails on a budget

• The transformative art of light tracing

• Discover the benefits of smartphone apps for your light tricks

Module Thirteen: Portraits

light painting starter kit

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Bathe your subject in creative and alluring shadows

• Step in to a new realm of fantasy portraits

• Be inspired by magical wizards with our glowing wands tutorial

• How to create that magic glow from an open box

• Discover different ways to creating ghostly portraits

• Use light ropes to capture stylised portraits

• Go subterranean with underwater portraits

• Explore the difficulties and find the successful way to shoot in mirrors

• Use your subject as canvas simply using a projector

• Pick up posing tips to make your images iconic

Module Fourteen: UV Light

best flashlights for light painting

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Glow in the dark with UV photography tips

• Learn the best camera settings for UV light

• The essentials to put on a shopping list for props and accessories

• Combine light trails and UV in nightclubs

• Settle down with home UV projects

• Discover full spectrum cameras and how they differ from the conventional digital camera

• Introduction to infrared photography

• Pick up the best techniques for shooting with IR filters

• Watch our step by step tutorial for editing your RAW images for infrared

Module Fifteen: Fashion

light painting stick

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:
    • Add special highlights to your shots with glitter
    • Pick out glimmering shines using specular highlights
    • How to set up for fast action fashionable poses
    • Learn the best settings and timings for dramatic hair flicks
    • Avoid disaster with our shooting in the rain tutorial
    • How to create trendy wet look portraits on a dry day
    • Learn about the inspirational Atton Conrad and his fashionable light paintings
    • Use light painting to create exotic and breathtaking outfits and costumes
    • Find out how to dress nude models by only using light

Module Sixteen: Creative Flash

light painting tools ebay

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Identify what light modifiers can do to your photography

• Learn how to diffuse light

• Pick out the differences between shoot through and reflective umbrellas

• Find out how coloured gels affect emotion in your photography

• Go bold with a ring flash light and make your portraits shock!

• Even more of our fantastic interactive quizzes

• How to combine your flash and faster shutter speeds

• Create moods using coloured lights

• Modernise your photography with creative gel lights

Module Seventeen: Basic Editing

Master The Digital Darkroom! No modern-day photography course would be complete without some element of photo-editing training. In the final two modules of this packed course, you’ll learn how to quickly MASTER the exact steps you need to take to edit your photos like a pro – even if you’ve never used Photoshop before! This extensive training consists of a series of 17 over-the-shoulder tutorials.

This training alone is easily worth more than the cost of the entire course – but it’s all included with your enrolment. You’ll want to come back to watch and learn again and again.

Important: You can download FREE 7 day trial of Photoshop (from Adobe) and we’ll give you a FREE copy of all images used in these on-screen tutorials so that you can follow along at the same time. You can watch-do-learn as our professional Photographer walks you through the exact techniques the professionals use to process their images in Photoshop.

light painting ideas for beginners

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• How to improve contrast in your photograph using Photoshop

• Controlling shadows and highlight levels

• Creating light trails to look like electric clothing

• How to cover up small errors in your light trail photographs

• Combine colour and monochrome in our Colour Splash tutorial

• Learn how to create ghostly composites using layers and patch tools

• Find out how to add a stylish lens flare to your shots in a few easy steps

Module Eighteen: Advanced Editing

This is the second part of our extensive Photoshop training series, continued from Module 17.

cool light painting techniques

What You Will Learn…

This extensive module covers the following:

• Pick up tips for editing landscape shots using the Orton effect

• Go psychedelic and make quirky artwork using the Harris Shutter effect in Photoshop

• Create your own cracked and distorted images in our fractal tutorials

• Learn about how Photoshop actions allow you to repeat complicated edits easily.

• Get to grips with Lighting Effects and make your pictures really pop

• Add a touch of professionalism to your work with stylish reflections

• Create an eerie mood by learning how to add mist and fog to your portraits

Each extensive module in the iPhotography Light Tricks Course has been meticulously developed by an award-winning team of photographers and e-learn experts.

Our proprietary blend of expertly crafted content, stimulating imagery, subtle animation, smart interactions, lively simulations, fun gamification, and practical quizzes, ensures an immersive, engaging, and effortless learning experience for beginner and advanced photographers alike.

The result? You become a skilled photographer, faster.

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